Eco Kawna is an export company for eco-sustainable products that looks to integrate the enormous cultural diversity that we have in Peru with the increasing demand for organic products, at the same time respecting and supporting all members of this production process, bringing the farmers’ work to the final consumer.

In Quechua, Kawna means “the three string rope” which are the syn-onyms of strength and community, being the bridge Q’eswachaka., the only existing Inca’s bridge in the present day. At Eco Kawna, we are three partners, “the three strings” that have come together with one purpose, to be that bridge between the Peruvian farmer, the an-cient Inca culture of natural cultivation, and our community.


Eco Kawna motivates little communities to establish a profitable and exportable business, acknowledging that the proper way to conduct-ing business is sustainability and opening for new international mar-kets, where a good presence is considered necessary.

This route seeks to demonstrate the seriousness and range of modern business, showing a new way of thinking within a market filled with "old ways."


Eco Kawna was born with a purpose to develop a sustainable agricul-ture

Trust is our objective, which will direct us to build a large community between farmers and our business partners.

Through trust, entrepreneurship, and transparent communication, we can quickly adapt ourselves to the markets’ challenges.

This is how we see the future at Kawna, eco-friendly, sustainable, and mutual.


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